Talent… :)

Helloo …
nu am mai scris de ceva vreme pe blog , si nu stiu cat de curand voi scrie:-?.
Articolul asta de fapt nu’mi apartine mie , ii apartine unui prieten de al meu , sper sa va placa :-?? incercati sa va dati cu parerea..

In the Dark,
Is where I feel alive,
Is where I can hide
From this world,
Cold as ice.
In the Light,
Where nothing seem’s right
Is where I find myself
In a constant fight,
Between wrong and right.


feel so empty,
I feel so lost
For me
Loneliness is always here
Happiness is only a ghost
Everyday I try,
To tell myself
That everything’s alright
But that is a lie
I no longer have
The will to fight
With all this pain and sorrow
That make’s me feel
Like there’s no tomorrow
I would die
To be happy
Even for just a second
All I ever wanted
Was to know that
I belong to something
But instead
My God…I have nothing !!
This life is a curse
Maybe dying is bad
But for me
Living like this,
Is much worse

Promit ca o sa incerc sa fac si eu un nou articol cat de curand ..:)


2 comentarii


  2. mda stiu ,
    are un mare talent 🙂

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